ROBORISEIT Robotics 3.1 Curriculum

Robotics 3.1 describes modern world of robots. The main goal of the course is to give students the basic knowledge about mechanics of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots. Before the beginning of the programming of the atonomous robots we propose our students to investigate different mechanisms that are widely used in the real world. You with your students will check how the pressure on the surface influen on the passability of the robots, what is the friction and how to use it. Also you'll build and investigate different types of the gear trains and other mechanisms.

  • 8 modular lessons
  • 400+ motivating slides
  • 650+ pages of buiding instructions
  • 20+ minutes of video
  • 40+ practical tasks
  • 70+ summary questions for consolidating knowledge
  • Basic and extended version of each training model
  • X-ray patterns of the internal structure of each model
  • Total course duration 16 hours
  • Recommended lesson time is 120 minutes
  • Best for students 10-14 years

All lesson content provided via Roboriseit Content Viewer software, that supports macOS and Windows 7 - 10 devices. No additional software needed.

Curriculum requirements:

  • One LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set 45544 or 5003400
  • One LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Expansion Set 45560
  • One ROBORISEIT Power Pack

1. Humanoid robot

If you want to introduce the robotics to your students, JohnnyBot is the best. It looks like robot, it moves like robot and it may be operated by the remote control. Inspire you students to investigate the robotics!

2. Three-wheel robots. Hockey robot

There are a lot of different robot's layouts used in real world. One of the most popural in Mindstorms robotics is three-wheeled chassis. Students will knowing the chassis types, advantages and disadvantages of them. Also students will play in the hockey with remote controlled robots!

3. Gear train. Dragster

Often speed is the main goal in the sports competitions. On this lesson your students will know how to build most quick robot and why the top gear not give the benefit on the short distances.

4. Pressure. Tracked robots

The pressure on the surface is one of the main parameter that influent on the robots passability. We propose students to make the research. Them will compare wheeled and trucked robots and makes the conclusions about characteristics of them.

5. Reduction gear

Gear trains are used for increasing the force and the accuracy of robots' movements. On this lessons students will know how to calculate and build the double, triple and more reduction gear. Competition of the snails at the end of the lesson is the perfect :).

6. Friction. Ballast tractor

Friction is very important for the robots' precision movements. That's why students will check the characteristics of all available wheels and make decision about its usage in robots design in this lesson. Specially designed teacher's robot will make this research more scientific.

7. Angular gears

Due to main course goals, this lesson shows the students main principes of angle gear creation. Various design samples will be shown and one of them is used in main lesson model.

8. Sumo robot

Great weight or large motor, what is the main in sumo robot? The balance between this two parameters will be found during this lesson. Students will check the worm gear work and use it in sumo competition as well as knowlage about wheels with highest friction.

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