Special Projects (WeDo 2.0, EV3)

When we have an interesting idea that goes beyond our curriculum, we send such lessons to the "Special Projects" section!
Each project is unique and perfect for home use, as well as for classes during the holidays. Each lesson contains a lot of STEM-tasks and programming, and will allow to spend time with benefits, even if children will think that they just playing!

Lessons include

presentation pages

video materials

tasks & complete programs

pages of building instructions


The Trade Federation joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and began mass production of the droid in the separatist factories for the Battle of Geonosis. You are entrusted with the most important mission to improve the destroyer droid with this special project WeDo 2.0.
In the lesson you will learn the design features of the most dangerous droid fill with fear even to the strongest Jedi.
Create a real robot and program it!



Batman says, that the military has an interesting prototype of an armored car called "Tumbler". He would like you to test it and set it up. As far as we knows, Tumbler is a very fast, but Batman may need more high traction. If your tests will confirm that Tumbler really has a reliable suspension and high traction, then it will be the next BatMobile.


Help Batman to make his car more intelligence. You will create and adjust the autopilot functions in this WeDo 2.0 Special project. We propose students to calculate average speed of the Batmobile, program the emergency stop and the missile defense system. A lot of math tasks makes this lesson suitable for students with basic math knowledge.

AT-ST WeDo 2.0 Speсial Project

Help Luke to make some walkers for defend the rebels bases with this special WeDo 2.0 project.
Your students will know more about layout of AT-ST walkers and them features.
Create a real walking robot and program it!

Defender WeDo 2.0 Speсial Project

Defender is high mobility armored vehicle with independent suspension and belt drive. The turret with a circular rotation is equipped with a sensor that will help to detect the target and keep the formation when moving in a column.
And the Defender will introduce children to the history of tank development and modern defense technologies.

AT-AT WeDo 2.0 activity

AT-AT WeDo 2.0 Speсial Project

AT-AT is replica of gigantic Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport from StarWars universe.
In this lesson, you and your students will immerse themselves in the world of StarWars.
Help Luke to explore AT-AT`s weaknesses and learn more about this walker!

X-Winger EV3 Special Project

Special projects is the lessons, that we can't include in regular courses, Some of them needs much more time for completing, some needs very complex coding. But all of them is very interesting for LEGO Mindstorms EV3 enthusiasts.
First in this section is X-Winger, replica of legendary starfighter from StarWars universe.

Special EV3 project


If you want to have fun and do not routinely celebrate Halloween - then this lesson is for you.
PartyBot is specially designed robot for Halloween. During this lesson, children will not only learn the mechanisms, build and program the robot, but also can have fun, have a good time and can show their imagination.
Make your lesson exciting and interesting, give the children a feeling of real holiday!