Stage 4

The base chassis, equipped with only a manipulator-bumper, already can perform few tasks. Precision of motion is enough to return the animals into three zones. This gets robot up to 25 points.

Stage 4

If you add another bumper at the back of the robot, robot could use it for alignment. This will become robot more stable.

Stage 6

In order to stably visit all areas of the field, you need to use color sensors. This increases the number of points that can be collected by the robot up to 30 points.

Stage 7

Watching the robot can be seen that for guaranteed movement of animals robot must to align at the boundaries of each zone (boundary white / yellow). Adding a second color sensor solves this problem.

Stage 8

The next stage of the robot modification is droping the blocks. If you do not detect the number of animals you can collect up to 160 points, depending on the placement of the animals.

Stage 8

To make cubes do not dropped out too far, tracks is placed in front of the container.

Stage 10

The last step is the detection of the number of animals in each zone. This allows robot to gain 160 points, regardless of the placement of the animals.