Xtreme Engineering Curriculum EV3 Summer Offer

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This package includes Xtreme Engineering Curriculum and One EV3 Special Project X-Winger. During the classes, kids will be able to build full-featured models, learn and test in practice the work of each unique mechanism and train their robot operating skills in exciting group competitions.
This offer is good for the camps with 3 or 4 robotics lessons per week. This is one-time payment without automatically prolonging. You can buy now and activate the curriculums till August,15. After activation the access will be available 1 month.

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X-Winger EV3 Special Project
The Xtreme Engineering course introduces the pearls of the world of engineering, such as robots, off-roaders, sports machines! Special projects is the lessons, that we can’t include in regular courses, Some of them needs much more time for completing, some needs very complex coding.
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