What difference betweeen licenses you provide?

How many teachers account you provide under Classroom license?

We provide different license types for our consumers:
• Personal licenses
• Classroom licenses
• Educational centers licenses

Personal license works one year. It allows you to use courses materials only on one PC.

Classroom license is for using in class with a lot of students. It allows to connect student’s PCs to teacher’s PC and translate the same presentation on all PCs. Include one teacher account.
Licenses for Educational centers are the same as Classroom, but allows unlimited number of teachers and students accounts

Classroom license includes one teacher account and unlimited number of students accounts

How many models can I build with PowerPack?

Do I need hi-speed internet connection for using your courses?

We use this pack of additional LEGO parts in XtremeEngineering course and in Robotics 3.0 curriculum set. So PowerPack allows to build more than 80 different robots

Each time you start the lesson on teacher’s PC it downloads from our server. It allows keep all lessons up to date. On this step low Internet speed leads to increasing time to start. But then you connect you students, local network will be use for sending lesson data to student’s PC. Due to this mechanics we extremly decrease internet traffic use. It even allows us to include a lot of videos in our lessons. When all students starts the viewing video, no hi-speed internet connection required.