Curriculums from Roboriseit based on WeDo 2.0 imply courses from 12 lessons for children from 6 to 9 years. The product is unique and includes everything you need for a successful employment! The courses consist of 12 lessons. The lessons have slides, videos, assembly instructions, assignments and programs, so that children can perform several activities with the same robot in the class. All models have the basic and extended version of the build, so if the kid is fast builder he can extend his creation. This is great for teachers, use our courses and explore the world simply and easily with Roborise-it

Lessons include

presentation pages

video materials

tasks & complete programs

pages of building instructions

City Bots WeDo 2.0 Curriculum

The mankind development leads to the growth of cities. It is very complex and important task to provide the life in the city.
The main challenges are ecology, life safety, modern building, agriculture and effective using of the natural resources. Students will find out how to solve this problems in the STEM way using the modern technologies, robotics and programming.
In the CityBots course you will create the robots that help to make cities more comfortable, cleaner and more safe.
You will pass the breathtaking path of creating the nearest future of urban civilisation. Аnd your children will build this future!

Dino Park WeDo 2.0 Curriculum

The Dino Park course gives unique opportunity to revive the prehistoric world in your classroom!
Do you want to introduce children to the classification of dinosaurs, when they lived and why they disappeared, learn more about the periods of the prehistoric world and the history of paleontological discoveries, learn about the food chain of those times and the way of movement of living beings?
Then this 12 lessons was created especially for you and your inquisitive children!

Early Robotics WeDo 2.0 Curriculum

Early Robotics curriculum focuses on the technologies that modern children face. Robotic mechanisms are increasingly becoming part of our lives. Therefore, we strive to talk about them as much as possible with our little students. Robots, smart houses, internet of things, robotised factories and usual things with automatic smart functions, all of this is our world that we introduces to children.