Create a robotics lab!

A robotics lab is the place where the future developers of the technologies that we don't even dare to dream of now will grow and get their basic skills. However, the children are dreaming now!

Unique educational programs

We think we understand children nowadays. That is why we develop the courses that can interest them so much. Education in the form of engineering games keeps the learners' motivation at a high level.
In every class, the students face a relevant problem. They have to use new knowledge, previously acquired skills, team work and personal creativity to solve it.

Study models

During a class, the children build a new unique study model, which helps to assess the theoretical knowledge. They also implement improvements of their own to the hardware and software components to get even better results!

Interactive presentations

We aim at finding an approach to every student to make the learning process both interesting and effective. That is why we use all the sensory channels for study material presentation possible:
Visual - through the demonstration of photos, pictures and diagrams;
Audial - using the video, audio markers, and the voice of the teacher;
Tactile - implementing a robot building stage in every class.

Roboriseit! platform

The relevance of information ensures the maximum efficiency of modern education, particularly in the Hi-Tech field. Therefore, we are constantly revising our study materials to provide the most relevant information to the students.
We created a cloud educational platform to enable students and teachers from all over the world to join the world STEM-community and get the access to the unique study materials.

How does it work?

The Roboriseit! platform consists of desktop applications and online accounts.
The WEB platform component enables the administration of a Robotics Lab's work: to manage groups student account creation, to set up the schedule, and to follow the children's progress.
The desktop applications for the Teacher and the Student are created to broadcast the educational presentation slides on the PCs of the children and their teacher and to conduct the assessment quizzes.

What is the result?

You can create a playgroup where children will not only spend their time resourcefully, but also might find their own path to follow later, when they grow up. The preparation for robotics competitions may stimulate your teachers and students to develop constantly!