Candybot WeDo 2.0 Special Project

Celebrate Halloween and Day of the Dead with the CandyBot! Count Dracula wants to fill the castle by scare and unexpected jokes. He wants to use different automated devices to make the Halloween party incredible! One of them is a candy dispenser. It must react on the visitors and give the candies one by one. Trick or treating will never end!!!

Hispanidad week in Roborise-it!

The National Day of Spain "Día de la Hispanidad" will be on October 12. Roborise-it team joins to the celebration and congratulates Hispanic with their National Day. In honor of this holiday, we offer our spanish-speaking clients to buy WeDo 2.0 courses Early Robotics and Dino Park in Spanish with discount* 20%.

Language map

Dear customers, specially for you we made tables with our products and indicated in which languages they were translated. Find the language you are interest in and order it

Robotic year with Roborise-it!

Good news for all users we are introducing a new unique offer for schools / educational centers / clubs. We cover the needs of the curriculum for a year providing two packages: "Robotics year WeDo 2.0" and "Robotics year EV3"

Upgrade your plan without overpaying!

Good news for all users of Easy Start and Optimal plans! Now you can easily upgrade your plans by simply paying the price difference!

Available Now! New Course City Bots

We are glad to announce that new CityBots course is available now! In the CityBots course you will pass the breathtaking path of creating the nearest future of urban civilisation.

New course Robotics 3.4

The course Robotics 3.4 extends the first three courses by adding the programming of EV3 Touch sensor. In the total with using the motors' encoders data it gives the opportunity to program even the simple maze solving algorithms!