Wе create the courses that will help you prepare a teams for World Robot Olympiad, to achieve stable results. Suitable for beginners and experienced teams.
12 stages curriculums, that include building instructions and programs for robots, theoretical information, ideas, strategics, inspiration materials and mission videos.

The course will give you answers to the questions:

  • How to develop an effective strategy?
  • How to build a reliable chassis and manipulators?
  • How to achieve accuracy of movements?
  • Which sensors to use and where to place them?
  • How to speed up the process of setting up the program?
  • How to achieve the fastest and most stable result?
  • How to learn to build your own robot without building instructions?
All lesson content provided via Roboriseit Content Viewer software, that supports macOS and Windows 7, 8 and 10 devices. No additional software needed.

WRO 2017 Elementary Category

The preparatory course for participation in the Elementary Category of the WRO 2017 consists of the classes that gradually draw the students to their own robot creation. Considering the basic robotic kit as an example, all the tasks that the robot deals with are carefully considered, as well as the ways of their solution.

WRO 2017 Junior Category

The students participating in the Junior Category of the WRO 2017 are least likely to be novices in this field. Therefore, the course is designed to give their robots a thorough analysis. Considering the basic robotic kit as an example to perform this task, the students may significantly improve their robots.