Xtreme Engineering Curriculum

The Xtreme Engineering course introduces the pearls of the world of engineering, such as robots, off-roaders, sports machines! During the classes, students will be able to build full-featured models, learn and test in practice the work of each unique mechanism and train their robot operating skills in exciting group competitions.

  • 10 modular lessons
  • 300+ motivating slides
  • 700+ pages of buiding instructions
  • 30+ minutes of video
  • 50+ practical tasks
  • 40+ summary questions for consolidating knowledge
  • Three levels of complexity of models
  • Basic and extended version of each training model
  • X-ray patterns of the internal structure of each model
  • Algorithms of program operation
  • Individual "smart" program for each training model
Curriculum requirements:
  • One LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set 45544 or 5003400
  • One LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Expansion Set 45560
  • One ROBORISEIT Power Pack
You can find the topics for each stage in list below. All lesson content provided via Roboriseit Content Viewer software, that supports macOS and Windows 7 - 10 devices. Curriculum available
  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

1. Funny robot

  • What is a "robot"?
  • Introduction to the types of robots
  • Modes of universal robot "Funnybot"
  • Construction of universal robot
  • Programming and testing of various modes of robot

2. Fourwheel drive all-terrain vehicle

  • Introduction to the types of all-wheel drive vehicles
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle with the side turn
  • Effect of clearance on the patency of wheeled vehicles
  • Transmission of torque from the engine to the wheels with a gear
  • Construction of all-wheel drive
  • Testing the patency and participation in off-road racing

3. Robot hockey player

  • Chassis with three support points: two drive wheels and a third support
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a three-wheeled chassis
  • Transmission of torque from the engine to the wheels using four-tooth gears
  • Construction of a robot-hockey player
  • Participation in the team competition "Robohokey"
  • Creating a unique design of the robot

4. Robodragster

  • Acquaintance with special vehicles for races for a quarter of a mile - dragsters
  • Investigation of the design of the upshift
  • Dependence of acceleration dynamics from the diameter of drive wheels
  • The effect of the programmed power of the servo motors on the speed of the robot
  • Construction of a dragster
  • Competition dragsters for speed in doubles
  • Improvement and customization of the robot

5. Robotic truck. Program differential.

  • Features of passing the turns of the vehicle on the car chassis
  • What functions the differential performs
  • Verification of the possibility of simulating the operation of the differential by using an independent driving wheel drive
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the "electronic differential"
  • Construction of racing truck
  • Participation in truck racing, and competition for the accuracy of maneuvering

6. Trike

  • Acquaintance with three-wheeled vehicles
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of three-wheeled motorcycles
  • Testing the work of the differential
  • Construction of three-wheeled robot
  • Participation in the demonstration races of the trikes

7. Crawler robot

  • Introduction to the caterpillar propulsion device
  • The role of the suspension and its settings
  • Construction of a crawler robot
  • Testing the running characteristics of a crawler all-terrain vehicle
  • Cross Country Races

8. Рlanetary rover

  • Introduction to the planetary rovers
  • History of Mars research
  • Mission of Mars rover Spirit
  • Features of the structure of the running gear of rovers
  • Investigation of the maneuvering of modern planetary rovers
  • Building a model of the rover Spirit
  • Conducting research and photographing of unknown surface

9. Snowmobile

  • Features of the construction of modern snowmobiles
  • Design and use of skis
  • The advantages of using a combination of skis and caterpillars
  • The role of the suspension for the movement of the robot
  • Construction of a snowmobile robot
  • Testing the driving qualities of the model

10. Hot Rod

  • Acquaintance with Hot Rods - a separate class of cars
  • The need for differentials in cars
  • Acquaintance with varieties of automobile suspension types (dependent, independent). The role of suspension in a sports car
  • Construction of robot on the automobile chassis
  • Study of the work of an independent suspension. Participation in sports cars racing
  • The methods of summing up engine power
  • The structure of the steering trapezoid

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