WeDo 2.0 course is coming!


This summer will be hot! We launches the series of short videos about our new WeDo 2.0 curriculum. The course focuses on the technologies that modern children face. Robotic mechanisms are increasingly becoming part of our lives. Therefore, we strive to talk about them as much as possible with our little students. Robots, smart houses, […]

XtremeEngineering EV3 curriculum

Meet the new XtremeEngineering course!


In the first day of the summer, we proudly introduce a learning course developed specifically for the robotic camps and summer schools. XtremeEngineering includes 10 different robots. Each robot represents something interesting from real robotics. It’s may be mechanical feature as a differential or suspension in tracked robot. Or may be a cool programming feature […]

WRO2017 curriculums

Prepare for WRO 2017 with Roboriseit


Do you prepare a team for WRO 2017? Do you want to get good results and motivate students to win? Do it with Roboriseit! We have prepared courses for training teams for the World Robot Olympiad 2017 competition, which includes 12 step-by-step stages – from selection effective strategy to achieving high and stable results in […]