Prepare for WRO 2017 with Roboriseit

WRO2017 curriculums

Do you prepare a team for WRO 2017? Do you want to get good results and motivate students to win? Do it with Roboriseit!

We have prepared courses for training teams for the World Robot Olympiad 2017 competition, which includes 12 step-by-step stages – from selection effective strategy to achieving high and stable results in competitions!

The course will give you answers to the questions:

  • How to develop an effective strategy?
  • How to build a reliable chassis and manipulators?
  • How to achieve accuracy of movements?
  • Which sensors to use and where to place them?
  • How to speed up the process of setting up the program?
  • How to achieve the fastest and most stable result?
  • How to learn to build your own robot without building instructions?

More information you can get on Word Robot Olimpiad page.

Successes to you and victories!